Qi-Touch Healing

Qi-Touch Healing is a gentle way to harmonise our body and emotions and to maintain or restore health and strength through touch.

The Qi is our life force, our vital energy, the subtle substance that invigorates the organs and runs along acupuncture lines.

The touch does not only convey warmth, support and care, it also has an energetic and structural impact and enhance the possibility of self-regulation.

Qi-Touch is a very efficient, non-invasive and enjoyable way to address one’s body at an energetic, emotional and structural level. Qi-Touch sequences energize and engage the body’s natural healing power, respecting its own pace. It can be used to work towards a specific goal or intention, or alternatively to address the imbalances present at the time.

By working along the meridians (energy pathways) of the body, using supportive pressure, touching specific acupressure points and rebalancing your energy, Qi-Touch creates a feeling of deep relaxation and renewed vitality. It helps to release emotions and to tonify organs. This process brings about an energetic release, which allows our electrical flow to then run more freely. Movement of the energy helps to dissolve old patterns and the toxins they hold.

The practitioner releases blockages from imbalances and helps to restore the free flow of energy to the whole body. Tension is eased, circulation and elimination are improved.

The balance techniques are a combination of acupressure, kinesiology acupressure holding, Jin Shin Juytsu®, trigger point therapy, cranio-sacral, bio-dynamics, foot reflexology and other modalities researched, experienced and organized in specific sequences.

Qi-Touch Healing [also called Integrated Touch balance (ITb), or HealingTouchITb] was developped by Marguerite Wetton, a South African gifted therapist who has been practicing for 40yrs.


What will Qi-Touch help with?

  • Any physical symptoms of discomfort or imbalance (e.g. chronic and acute pain, migraines, headaches, digestive issues, etc.)
  • Any emotional discomfort or imbalance
  • Increasing your energy level by allowing greater energetic balance, boosting your immune system, etc.

Who can benefit from Qi-Touch?

Absolutely everybody!

  • From in utero to the last day of life
  • From the healthiest to the very sick

Qi-Touch will help you feel more:

  • Centered
  • Connected to yourself
  • Peaceful
  • Energised
  • Self-worthy
  • Balanced, etc.

Qi-Touch will help you feel less:

  • Stressed
  • Anxious
  • Worried
  • Fearful, etc.

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