Qi-Touch Healing course

Qi-Touch Healing is a key to vibrant health and well-being. In just a few minutes a day you can de-stress, energise and balance yourself, using 33 acupressure points with your own hands.

The Qi-Touch course provides all persons, professional and non-professional alike, from different learning styles, with the skills to support themselves and others using fail-proof, simple balance procedures. It offers an approach towards wellbeing, essentially through touch and movement, by addressing electrical, nutritional and emotional components of balance.

The course is dynamic and alive, experiential and interactive. It allows time for silence and meditative practice. It enhances mindfulness, self-awareness and sensory “listening” skills, as well as empowers participants to undertake the journey to wellness proactively. Aimed towards “improved health”, this course is instructed kinesthetically so that participants can experiment and learn at their own pace through their own senses and through movement.

It provides a gentle introduction to kinesiology and allows those already experienced with kinesiology to deepen their understanding of the field. Health practitioners, as well as any caregivers (parents, nurses, etc.) will discover a new tool through which to approach another human being, using intentional touch.

The course offers:

  • an approach to well-being, primarily through touch
  • a simple methodology that involves electrical, dynamic, nutritional and emotional aspects of our inner balance by working essentially on our organs in order to be more ‘integrated’
  • an interpretation of “reasons” behind illnesses, which helps to eliminate “fears”
  • training for practitioners that can allow them to help their patients take control of their own evolution, without feeling they must “fix” or “heal”

The most appealing characteristic of the course is how simple it is to use. Although the many theories behind it are complex and important, the procedures themselves can be easily carried out by anyone and can be used anywhere. 

The Qi-Touch course is given in a 2-days and a half for its use at home and for groups with specific needs.

It is also taught in its professional format in 5 days [or a 4-day course if participants have already completed Touch For Health, Brain Gym ® (level one) or Tools for the Trade]. The course is accredited by the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) under le name Integrated Touch balance (ITb).

The philosophy of the course is Marguerite Wetton’s personal synthesis of body work, reflexology, somatics, Body-Mind-Centering®, psychotherapy, kinesiology, art, yoga, yoga therapy, homeopathy, nutrition, meditation, Chinese, ayurvedic and anthroposophical medicine, as well as conventional medicine, Montessori and Steiner education, religion and mysticism.



If you are interested in a Brain Gym course, a Qi-Touch course, a Communication course or a Positive Neuroplasticity training, please contact me via email to receive details concerning the next available one. Any course can be tailored to your needs, or for your institution and organised on request in French or English.