Positive Neuroplasticity training

This pragmatic and hands on course was created by Dr Rick Hanson, bestselling author of “Hardwiring Happiness” and “Buddha’s Brain”.


We can lower our stress and increase our well-being and effectiveness by deliberately cultivating positive states – such as safety, contentment, connectedness and compassion – no matter what are our circumstances.
Absolutely everyone can benefit from this course. There will be some teaching about the brain, short practices, mindful movements and group discussions.

Some elements of what Rick says about his course :

“The aim of this training is to teach you how to turn fleeting experiences into lasting inner resources …Grounded in neuroscience, this training is about how to use your mind to change your brain to change your mind for the better. This is what we mean by positive neuroplasticity.

Potential inner resources you could build up in your brain include mindfulness, strength, emotional balance, calm, gratitude, happiness, confidence, feeling cared about, compassion, and love. We all need resources like these for managing stress, dealing with life’s challenges, and having more to offer others. I call these mental resources “inner strengths.”

In this training, you will develop many important inner strengths, including one’s aimed at particular challenges you face these days. This is certainly good in its own right. But more fundamentally and importantly, you will learn general skills for transforming beneficial states of mind into underlying, enduring neural structures. You will get good . . . at getting good!”

I also teach a daily routine called the BEC, which facilitates cultivating these positive traits by helping to grow our inner ressources. It is a mixture of awareness of our body sensations, movements, acupressure points holding, thought processing and visualization.


If you are interested in a Brain Gym course, a Qi-Touch course, a Communication course or a Positive Neuroplasticity training, please contact me via email to receive details concerning the next available one. Any course can be tailored to your needs, or for your institution and organised on request in French or English.