Qi-Touch Conscious Parenting, Communicating

These 2 courses are based on the same concepts and have each their specificity/their exercises and their own manuals.

This course aim to bring you some tools, which will help you live your relationship with your children/partner in a more authentic and fulfilling way. It will help you to become more aware on how you communicate and to explore other options.

Usually we don’t have mentors, guides to inspire us in some of the most important challenges of our lives: to take care of a child from conception to adulthood/ nurture a couple’s relationship. Often the only model we have had as parent and couple is our own parents. If we don’t try to be more aware of what drives us, we will most probably have a tendency to reproduce or avoid how they were with us and between them rather than really choose how we interact.

Thanks to the original approach which uses touch (Qi-Touch Healing), movement (Brain Gym, etc.) and talk, you will learn to interact in a more nurturing way not only with your children, but also with your partner, yourself, your friends, your colleagues, etc.

The support that Qi-TouchCP/CC offers will then help you to better:

  • Listen
  • Express
  • Set your boundaries
  • Explore your needs
  • Respect your own values and others
  • Manage conflicts, etc.

The quite dense manual will help you deepen the process at home, namely thanks to all the suggested exercises. There is a board game, “ the Bog Game”, which facilitates access to our emotions and to express them. It also helps developing the children’s emotional intelligence and their ability to express themselves.

Qi-Touch CP/CC offers an opportunity to safely explore, deepen and enrich our relationships in a respectful environment, using our awareness and our compassion towards ourselves and others. It helps us understand our values and needs, refine our awareness of emotional mood and enables us to express ourselves more accurately. A caring loving presence, good listening skills and clear and firm boundaries setting are the bases of this approach.

This course is accredited by AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association) 

If you are interested in a Brain Gym course, a Qi-Touch course, a Communication course or a Positive Neuroplasticity training, please contact me via email to receive details concerning the next available one. Any course can be tailored to your needs, or for your institution and organised on request in French or English.