Move2balance is a private practice in Sydney that offers support in your journey towards wellbeing. Sessions integrate Psychotherapy and alternatives therapies, primarily Qi-Touch Healing, Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) and Brain Gym.
These therapies are all used to facilitate change, and to do so in an integrated, grounded and embodied manner.
As you can use them yourself, they empower you by providing opportunities to have a crucial role in your own learning and healing process, rather than depending upon others to “fix” you.
They also work very well with children and teenagers, allowing for deep healing and change through mostly non-verbal interaction.

The Courses

To further emphasise this focus on self-healing and self-empowerment, Move2Balance is also dedicated to teaching some of these techniques. Courses are given both in English and in French in Australia and in French-speaking countries.

Marina offers to teach you :

You can use each of these techniques on yourself or with others, both in your every day life and in your profession.