Brain Gym® Courses

Brain Gym® 101

This 32-hr course is open to everyone and has no pre-requisites. It focuses on the brain and especially on what is called “The Three Dimensions”:

  • Laterality (linked to communication)
  • Centering (linked to organisation)
  • Focus (linked to comprehension)

It is a dynamic course, based on movement and observation.

You will learn:

  • informations about the dynamic brain and how Brain Gym® works;
  • the link between movement and learning;
  • the 26 gentle movements (established by Paul and Gail Dennison) that will enhance your learning potential.

You will also learn how to carry out Brain Gym® balances:

  • The 5-step balance process;
  • Two re-patterning sequences;
  • Specific balances for improving reading, writing, spelling, maths, organisation skills, attention and comprehension, etc.;
  • Individualised goal-setting and movement selection to help best support you in reaching your full potential for this goal, free of stress.

This course is the first step necessary in becoming a qualified Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant. In order to do so, it must be taken twice.

Brain Gym® Introduction

This short introductory session to Brain Gym can be brought into your school, institution or business. It is designed to give you a taste of what Brain Gym can offer you and your teachers, students, employees, etc.



Brain Gym® One-Day Workshop

This is a one-day workshop offered to those who have already completed the “Brain Gym Introduction” session. Tailored to your needs, it offers gentle movements designed to enhance the particular skills you would like to help develop in your participants (organisational skills, concentration, public speaking abilities, etc.)   

a) Brain Gym in the classroom provides teachers with a series of gentle body movements that can be easily integrated into classroom life. These exercises allow students to develop skills specific to their needs (e.g. writing or reading) and to enjoy their full potential in a stress-free way. By using Brain Gym in the classroom, students become more settled, calm, focused and ready to learn. 

b) Brain Gym for business offers specific Brain Gym activities to your employees/co-workers and yourself that are designed to help enhance performance in any particular task. These activities also help to minimise stress in the work environment whilst allowing each person to feel more confident and resourced in approaching any given job.

If you are interested in a Brain Gym course, a Qi-Touch course, a Communicationcourse or a Positive Neuroplasticity training, please contact me via email to receive details concerning the next available one. Any course can be tailored to your needs, or for your institution and organised on request in French or English.