Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky

Rabindranath Tagore

My intention is to

  • Facilitate the changes you wish to make and the achievement of your goals
  • Revitalize your inner strength and help you develop your own resources
  • Encourage you on your journey towards awareness, knowledge and self-acceptance

My approach namely integrates

My tools therefore link, both harmoniously and effectively, the complementary benefits of

  • A psychotherapeutic relationship
  • Touch, and processes that directly implicate the body
  • Our energetic component as human beings
  • The conscious utilization of our brain’s transformative powers

How I Work

Sessions have usually 2 parts. After an initial time of sharing and discussion in a therapeutic, compassionate space, the body – both physical and energetic – is included in the transformative process. This allows deeper awareness/liberation/transformation/integration.

Body-based work will be tailored to individual needs, namely by:

  • Observation and awareness of bodily sensations (focusing, meditation, cardiac coherence, etc.)
  • Touch, which allows us to work on a physical, energetic and vibrational level (Qi-Touch Healing, “tapping”, EFT, massage, etc)
  • Movement (Brain Gym exercises, integrating primitive reflexes, other educational kinesiology procedures)
  • Visualization (symbolic journeys, Positive Neuroplasticity Training [PNT] exercises, meditation, etc)
  • Purely energetic and vibrational work (Tibetan bowls, Bushflower essences, etc)

This embodied way to look at our challenges makes it easier to liberate ourselves from emotions that inhibit us, and thus we experience less suffering, anxiety, pain or stress.

In this way, we can change old habits, choose new ways of thinking that are more beneficial to us, or acquire new skills. Our physical wellbeing simultaneously improves, namely as our immune system’s defenses are strengthened.

Throughout the session, we will also use the many capacities of our brain, which we now know can continue to modify itself throughout our entire lifespan. Thanks to its neuroplasticity, we can learn to develop new neural pathways that help us replenish ourselves, strengthen areas to enhance some skills, favor the feelings we decide to privilege, and accomplish what we desire.

The sessions are usually between 60 and 90 minutes long (30-60 for children/teenagers).

A series of follow-up home exercises are often offered in order to intensify, and further integrate and anchor the work done in sessions.

Who can benefit from the sessions?

Thanks to its versatility, this approach is suitable for absolutely everyone, from adults to adolescents to children to the elderly.

We all have moments when we feel discouraged, overwhelmed or trapped. We can feel unsatisfied, powerless, vulnerable, or like failures.

So much can trigger these feelings: an illness that transforms our life, a separation, a conflict, being harassed or not feeling good enough…

Are you going through a difficult, traumatic, painful or stressful period?

Do you wish to know yourself better? To become more self-conscious and self-compassionate?

Would you like to follow a different path? Learn a new skill?

Whatever the origin or depth of our struggles, being supported in an integrated way will be helpful to you.

I would be honoured to be a witness and facilitator for your journey, and to welcome you into a respectful and safe environment.




Marina is deeply interested in people. She is passionate about empowering others, and loves to share all that she has discovered throughout her own journey that can help with learning, growth and healing. She enthusiastically seeks to use the transformational potential of our brain to support our wellbeing.